BootCamp NOT!

Why we are different…………….typical Boot Camps (and there are many in this country and abroad) are intense exercise sessions that run through out the day, focusing on only pushing you to levels of exertion probably way past your comfort zone and ability.  With minimal teaching of why nutrition is of up most importance for long term weight loss and fitness and no lifestyle coaching whatsoever….your doomed to fail once you have left the Boot Camp.  You may lose anything up to half a stone on a Boot Camp but without the life coaching and nutritional education the weight will eventually creep back on, and for some, quicker than others!  How on earth do you expect to replicate the Boot Camp routine when your back at home with possibly family, work and other daily routines to take into account.

Peak Physique has carefully structured exercise programmes, nutrition and cooking workshops, life coaching seminars so that you successfully loose weight and continue doing so well after your 5 days retreat.

Peak Physique 5 day retreat programme guarantees to be fun, educational and you will meet new friends wanting long term success.

At Peak Physique Hayley, Mike and Zoe want to change you for life not just for 5 Days