Hayley Robinson Physical Specialist

Around eleven years ago, due to years of walking around with a bag full of heavy school books over my right shoulder, I began to experience a lot of discomfort. The aches would build up throughout the day and by the evening my right shoulder would be very uncomfortable.

Over the years I had seen a couple of Doctors who hadn’t been able to help and a couple of physiotherapists who had given me stretches and exercises to do. Whilst these exercises relieved some of the tension at the time of doing them, they hadn’t corrected the problem. I then tried a chiropractor and had regular treatment for nearly 3 years. This had been great in terms of improving my posture but the aches and pains in my shoulder persisted.

I then saw an advert for Hayley, which mentioned corrective exercise for ‘daily bad postural habit’s, which could result in aches and pains. It sounded like just what I needed.

Hayley gave me an assessment and identified that my problems weren’t just coming from my right shoulder but also my hips weren’t aligned. We were also able to indentify factors in my working life, which were contributing to the strain on my right shoulder and I was able to adjust my daily habits and working environment accordingly. Hayley then gave me a programme of exercises to stretch out the tight ligaments in my right hip, shoulder and neck in order to get them working properly again. Once I was more ‘balanced’ Hayley worked with me to build up the strength in my shoulders (previously I had avoided upper body exercise as this aggravated the pain), and also we worked on my core body strength and lower back muscles to help protect and ‘post’ my spine and shoulders in place.

I worked with Hayley for 6 months and (fingers crossed) my shoulder is ‘sorted’ and I hardly ever experience pain now. I only wish I had tried this ten years ago!

Although I started working with Hayley with the single goal of trying to correct the problems with my shoulder, there have been two other added outcomes.  
Firstly, working with Hayley has taught me that exercise is about quality not quantity and I don’t have to kill myself in the gym to change my body. Hayley has taught me how to target muscles through simple effective exercises, which I have been able to use to tone my body.

Secondly, besides the aches and pains in my shoulder, I also used to experience headaches. I didn’t mention this to Hayley as I had no idea that a personal fitness trainer could help. However as part of the training sessions Hayley asked me to keep a food diary and then advised me of some very small and simple changes I could make to ensure that I kept my blood sugar levels balanced throughout the day. As a result my headaches have also reduced dramatically and usually if I get one now I know it’s because I’ve forgotten to eat well!

I’d recommend for anyone experiencing ongoing aches and pains to speak to Hayley Robinson and she can look at the whole body and identify possible causes and contributing habits rather than just treating the pain.

Fay Brisco

Thank You Hayley!

Hayley really has been a key factor in my improvement in health. I have something called Ankylosing Spondylitis, which is a kind of rheumatoid arthritis in my back, so affects many things from my neck and shoulders to my hips and down to my knees.  Without her help and support, my normal everyday life would be a lot harder. Her determination and dedication to my general well being and basic improvements has been amazing.
Hayley cares. Hayley has always given her full attention to my problem, whenever I have seen her. She has a special gift and knows how to use it. She watches out for even the smallest movements in the right – or wrong direction and she has always found a way to correct and help.
I started with very little movement and quite a curve in my back, and a lot of pain. Now - I still get some pain, but am able to control it better through exercise; I have more movement than I have had for a very long time. My back is straighter – making me 2.5 inches taller than before! I can have more fun with my children, and feel a better person. I will always have to do my exercises or I know the pain will return.  Hayley has slowly progressed my programme, and helped to give me the knowledge and encouragement to control this annoying disease, and prolong the future possibilities.
So thank you Hayley from the bottom of my heart. Your encouragement has been invaluable.

Hayley you really are great
At the job you do
You really are fantastic
Lovely kind and true
Effort and dedication
You’re the best, bless you!

Testimonial for Hayley Robinson My Personal Trainer

I started my sessions with Hayley 1 year after having my second child by c-section. I was suffering from a terrible bad back, and had lost all control of my stomach muscles which was causing me great pain in my lower back when doing a lot of everyday activities.

Hayley started me off on a plan that was suitable for my lack of strength and exercise, gradually increasing these exercises every month. My whole body began to feel strengthened and toned and now I have no problems with my back and have lost weight as well.

The sessions I still have are building up my strength and improving my fitness everyday. This is something which was very important to me and I have been able to fit these sessions in and around looking after my 2 girls.

I really enjoy all my sessions, I know that I have to work hard to get the results but Hayley makes them enjoyable, giving me a lot of different exercises in each routine.

If you need help with getting fit after pregnancy or have any sort of back problems then Hayley is the one to do this.

Melissa Murray

My PT Experience with Hayley Robinson

'At my initial meeting with Hayley she really listened and understood what I wanted to get out of a training regime, with an aim to improve my overall fitness and focus on training for my first full marathon.

Despite getting an injury just a week in, she was able to adapt my training programme and was relentless in her enthusiasm and encouragement to overcome the injury both physically and mentally.

We made a joint decision to postpone my marathon and focus on strengthening and stabilising my knee, along with incorporating a low impact cardio workout.

Five months later, Hayley is still providing me with interesting, varied and challenging exercises that really work! My core stability has improved dramatically and I am much more toned- I really wish I had taken before and after pics! AND BOOKED IN WITH HER SOONER!

My summer holiday is just four weeks away, and its the first time I'm ever going to be showing off my newest summer accessory- a six pack!!!!!

Hayley has been more than a Physical Specialist, she has been a great motivator and friend. I only realised last week she has hundreds of clients- she has made me feel that I am on the only one. I am looking forward to my next challenging and focused training plan.

Thank you!

Sophie Newton