Fitness and Weight Loss courses

Programme for a typical day

06:00 Wake up call and Breakfast

  • 06:00 Wake up call and Breakfast
  • 07:00 Briefing
  • 07:30 PT training
  • 08:30 Stretching
  • 09:00 Break
  • 09:30 Seminar
  • 10:30 Fun and Games
  • 12:00 Lunch
  • 13:00 Mini Triathlon
  • 15:00 Stretching
  • 15:30 Break
  • 16:00 Seminar
  • 17:00 Evening Meal
  • 18:00 Seminar
  • 19:30 Eveing briefing
  • 19:40 Down time or treatments
  • 22:00 Lights out

The seminars are of various lengths and will cover a range of topics. Many of the topics could be an entire course in their own right, so we will be picking our key points that will be most relevent to helping you achieve your goals.

Targeted Programmes

To help you get the best of the programmes (and yourselves) we will be offering the following variations

Female only and Male only

Bridal Boot Camps

These programmes are intended for brides to be. They include some nice little extras such as Spa sessions, and helpful information on preparing for your wedding. Perfect for any bridezilla!

Corporate Boot Camps

Planning a sales or strategy meeting? Why not change your normal adgenda a bit and make it part of a Health and Fitness programme.

Corrective Exercise, Over 65, Seasonal programmes

Exclusive additional packages which will run throughout the year for individuals with specific medical and special needs.