The Fitness Programmes are all based at Hargate Hall in the Derbyshire Peak District. The Hall has been divided in to 12 self catering apartments, ranging from 1 to 3 bedrooms per apartment. In total there are 22 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms.

BalmoralWe have 3 price bands for the courses and these are to reflect the different sleeping arrangements. If you want your own space bedroom and bathroom then you will need to opt for price band A. You will either have a 1 bedroomed apartment to yourself or in an apartment that has 2 bedrooms but also 2 bathrooms. For price band B, you will have your own bedroom but may be sharing a bathroom. The lowest cost is price band C in which you will be sharing a bedroom. These rooms have at least 2 beds in them with a mix of single, bunk and double beds. There will not be more than 2 in a room, unless you are coming with friends and particularly want to share with them.


Band A £950 own bedroom and bathroom
Band B £850 own bedroom shared bathroom
Band C £750 shared room

Group discounts are available se dates and prices.

For further information on the accommodation have a look at our main self catering website.