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Hayley White

Hayley WhiteHello my name is Hayley White. I qualified in March 2001 as a Medical Exercise Specialist. Working primarily with persons needing rehabilitation, corrective exercise and having medical conditions, so that anybody and everybody can lose weight, tone up and get back into physical shape. In additional to this I have also been a personal trainer for over 7 years.

My own passion for fitness started a long time ago when I was 18 years old. I have always loved taking part in sporting activities, however having being diagnosed with chronic asthma from the age of 3, I was very much overlooked in school due to my condition.  This left me very frustrated and I guess once I left college felt the need to prove myself.

I joined a local gym and took part in my first step class, which almost killed me.  I soon realised I was very unfit and if I didn't do something about it now then I was looking at a bleak future of ill health.

Having struggled, fought, blood and tears all the way to this day I am very proud of my achievements.  Over 30 marathons, 3 half Ironman Triathlon events, 24 hour run on a treadmill clocking up 94 miles for a Guinness Book of Record attempt.  My proudest fitness moment to date is Ironman UK in September 2008.  I then discovered I was pregnant and my husband and I have a little boy called Freddie.  I maintain my fitness now by good nutrition, running (often after Freddie), Weights and Yoga.  As a mother, wife and business owner it can be difficult at time juggling it all however, it can be done.  You can do it, you just need to want to do it.


Mike Donnan

Mike DonnanHello my name is Mike. I am an enthusiastic individual who is versatile and cooperative with a keen sense of humour and excellent skills working within the fitness industry.  Highly motivated with an infectious love for health and fitness. I enjoy training and motivating others to be fitter, healthier and more confident and generally improve their lifestyles.

I've been physically active from an early age playing a large number of sports for school and community. At the age of 16 I joined HM forces where I spent over 10yrs of service being a physically active soldier playing lots of sports such as football, rugby, cross county running, boxing, athletics and biathlon skiing where I competed in the British national skiing championships in Germany.

In 2009 I decided to leave HM Forces and become a Personal Trainer. There was no other job I could possibly see myself doing, so I decided to do a Diploma in advanced personal training and sports massage therapy. To this day I've been running a very successful business. I've found nothing more rewarding than being a Personal Trainer, helping people change their lives whether it’s helping people lose their weight or cross that finish line or get in to that special item of clothing.

My other interests and hobbies are fishing and hill walking and socializing with family and friends.

My favorite saying in life is: You never know until you give it a go!!!


Zoe Whitby

Zoe WhitbyI’m delighted to be working with Hayley and Mike to bring another dimension to the Peak Physique Retreat experience.  I'm a lifestyle, personal effectiveness and leadership coach and trainer – working both self employed with individuals and part-time as HR and Training Manager with a national advertising company. 

My passion is helping other people to improve their personal and working lives and achieve their potential.  Coaching is a technique that encourages you to set goals and work out how to move towards achieving them – faster than you would if you were working alone.  Focusing on what you want, trying different ways of getting there and taking action are the keys to success. My favourite saying is “If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got.” – if you want different results you have to change your approach!

I live in Knaresborough near Harrogate in Yorkshire, with my husband and teenage daughter.  I value health and fitness and regularly attend yoga classes and enjoy gentle walks in the Yorkshire Dales.  I’m proud this year to have completed my first long-distance bike ride – 100k on a tandem!

Read more about coaching on my website at www.zwcoaching.co.uk and my Facebook page: www.facebook.com/zwcoachingpage.

I have Diplomas in Personal Performance Coaching and Corporate and Executive Coaching accredited by The Coaching Academy (www.the-coaching-academy.co.uk), the largest trainer of personal and executive coaches in Europe and and my professional coaching work is accredited by them.  I also have NLP Practitioner status (accredited by INLPTA).


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